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Mother Who Offers Her Kids Jobs, To Pay Them N105 Every Week Gives Reasons Why



Kimoi Jerotich, a mother of three has tickled netizens after offering letters of employment to two of her children. In the letters that have since gone viral on social media, Jerotich contracts the two youngsters Shawn and Ryan on a three-year period.

Moulding them for the future During an interview with widely read Kenyan media Hillary Lisimba, the Human Resource Manager explained that she made the decision because she wants to mould the future generation early.

According to her, the boys have been doing chores but adding a motivational part of it by offering remuneration will make them understand that money is earned. “I also want them to realise that we can have our own eggs here at home without necessarily buying them from other farmers,” she noted. Jerotich added that, by so doing, she is trying to inculcate a saving culture in them as part of the agreement is that the cash earned will be sent to the bank.

Contract to be renewed after 3 years Perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the contract is that it is subject to renewal after three years based on how they will have performed. “In three years the one who is nine will be 12 and the other one will have turned nine, so even the terms will change,” she continued. Jerotich further revealed that the arrangement started a while back only that it had not been documented. Apparently, she started them on probation and was paying KSh 20 (N70.29), which was increased by KSh 10 (N35.14) after the period elapsed.

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“You should have seen how happy they were when they came to remind me that it was their pay day,” she recalled.

Lastborn will also be contracted when she turns 5 The bigger picture, she says, is that the youngsters may not understand investments yet but the documents will one day be a source of reference for them.

Being that she is in HR, she also plans to write a Curriculum Vitae for each of them so that by the time they are going for the first interview they will not be green to the job market. She hopes that more parents will emulate the same idea so that every family brings up a generation of responsible people.

“That way, if my son marries someone’s daughter tomorrow each of them will have something tangible to brung to the table, which is good for the future,” she said. Jerotich also revealed that she has a two-year-old who will also be offered a contract with her own role when she hits five years.

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