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Lady Storms Social Media To Share Heartbreak Story



A lady has stormed social media to share her heartbreak story and all we can is that it is all her fault..

She shared this in a recent post she made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and the post she made reads;

“I made a mistake which I’ve regretted deeply. I left my boyfriend who have been with for 5yrs for a new guy. Because he was financially stable and everything a woman needs in a man. My old boyfriend was unemployed and sometimes I was the one taking care of him. He was caring, loving and he was my bestie. He really understand me. But my problem was he has laid his hands on me before but he changed. So when the new guy came in I felt he was the one for me.

Nana Tea, we just had a little misunderstanding over a certain he is always talking about when we are having a conversation and that is it. He hasn’t been talking to me for three weeks now, he doesn’t answer my calls. I’ve apologized so many times. I asked him what is going on, he said there is nothing going on and we should hope that things get better between us.

I realized I have to go back to my old boyfriend who has been there for me all the time. I’ve apologized for him to take me back but he said he is hurt, so I should give him time to think about it. Now I’ve lost the both of them. And it hurts badly.

I’ve really regretted my actions. I’m in my final year in the university, an accounting student, as a result of what is going on, I’m losing my concentration with studies. Nana Tea, I need a good friend to talk to. Please help me”

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