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“Igbos Thinks Islam Is Religion of Hausa and Yoruba” – Imo Muslim Who Translated Quran to Igbo Language Says



Mallam Mohammed Murtala Chukwuemeka became a viral sensation after the launch of his Igbo translation of the Quran which he began five years ago.

The Imo indigene who converted to Islam 33 years ago revealed that he translated 6,236 verses of the Holy Quran.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Chuwkuemeka revealed that he did it because he wanted Igbo people to know about Islam. He said:

“I translated Quran to Igbo language because I want Igbo people to know about Islam as they are calling it a religion for Hausa, Yoruba and Arab people.

“They don’t believe Islam is for everybody. There is Quran for Hausa, Quran for Yoruba, Quran for English, but there was no one for Igbo language before now.”

Chuwkwuemeka speaks on the reception his work received

The Muslim faithful said he received commendations from Hausa and Yoruba folks more than Igbo people.

“Some Hausas and Yorubas who read my translated Igbo version of the Quran were really happy. “Infact, they were happy about it more than my Igbo people. Some of them even said that they would use the Quran to learn Igbo.”

While revealing that Surah Al-Baqarah is the longest chapter in the Quran he translated as it took him 2 years, Chukwuemeka appreciated the Muslim community for aiding his success.

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“If the Muslim community didn’t receive me as an Igbo man, I would not have succeeded in the translation of the Quran.”

Social media reactions

Gbadebo Bilau said: “I believe if religious tolerance can be established everywhere, we would definitely have a better society and a comfortable working country. “I don’t see any difference between those people abusing this man and the extremist Boko haram.”

Ejima Chukwuma said: “Them suppose mould you for Kaduna State…. You have become one of their hero. “But Wait Which one is Sheik Mohammed Murtala Chukwuemeka again (no be juju name be that).
“This is a blasphemy to Igbo name.”

Christian Osawe said: “You people should translate mathematics and other various text books into our local languages for a better understanding and not always focusing on religious book that keeps us mute.”

Amara Maryjane Orisakwe said: “But why do igbos have issues with his choice of religion?? We all have freedom of worship na. In our various churches, we have many hausas and Yorubas as Christians and nobody has said anything negative to them.”

South East Muslims launch Quran translated to the Igbo language

Meanwhile, previously reported that a group has translated Quran to the Igbo language.

Mallam Chukwuemeka said he and his team have decided to spread Allah’s message to his Igbo brothers through the translated Qur’an.

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Chukwuemeka, who is from Imo state, described Islam as a religion of peace that forbids the killing of fellow human beings. He said:

“It took me not less than five years before completing the translation. We are calling on well-to-do Nigerians to assist in the mass production of the holy book. Presently, we have printed 500 copies and 100 copies have already been sent to the southeast.”

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