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How Boss Setup His Boy who serve him for 8yrs And send him to Jail because he don’t want him to leave



“My brother had served his boss for 7 years and was due for settlement, but his boss kept telling him to be patient.

In the 8th year, my brother could not wait any longer as nothing much was coming from working for his boss and he needed to start off on his own.

What he had learnt was heavy duty truck driving. His plan was to work for others till he can save up to get his own truck.

He got a place, told his boss, and left. The boss wasn’t happy with him, but he couldn’t make him stay either. He promised to settle my brother when he has money.

A month after my brother got the job, he returned from a trip one day, parked, returned the keys as usual, and went home.

The next morning, he got to the office to hear that the truck was stolen. He was arrested with two others. Though they eventually released the other two persons, my brother has been in detention since then. He was later moved to the prison and has been there for over two years now.

We do not have money for any case. We have sold everything we have to get a lawyer, but nothing has come out of it. He is in Lagos and I haven’t gone there to visit because I can’t afford it.

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Any money I raise from my business goes to the lawyer.We heard it was his former boss that planned everything to make him a scapegoat, but we cannot prove that.

I just pray that someday, the truth will come out and my brother will be set free. “

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