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Grandma Bites Man With Anger For Forcing Her To Do Tik Tok In Hilarious Video



A funny TikTok video has shown the hilarious moment an old woman was being disturbed to take part in a TikTok video.

Although the video was already been recorded, it was clear that the woman did not want to be disturbed by anyone.

However, a boy in the video kept touching the woman playfully until she reacted in a very funny and hilarious way.

She warned the boy to stay away but her repeated warnings fell on deaf ears as the boy kept coming back to disturb her.

She changed it for him Eventually, she grabbed his hand and gave him a bite. It was not clear if her teeth got the boy, but he eventually left her alone.

The video has generated much laughter on TikTok as people berated the boy for always disturbing the old woman in his videos.

Meanwhile, Tiktok users are currently dissecting the video using hilarious comments. Some asked the boy to continue playing with his grandma while others asked him to let her be.

See some of the comments below:

@Frankiesaganash commented: “Allow this woman to rest please.”

@user54985205748Hajia Memuna said: “You this boy. You always worry grandma why.”

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