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Family rejects daughter who gave birth to Arab baby after returning from Saudi



Kenyan well-wishers have come to the aid of a woman who was chased away by her Siaya family after she gave birth to an Arab baby. 29-year-old Anna Awuor was rescued after her family rejected her and the Arabian baby that she birthed after she returned from Saudi Arabia.

According to philanthropist Judy Oricho who narrated the woman’s plight on her Facebook page, Anna was abused by her Saudi boss and as a result, she became pregnant.

“I wish I could change everything” On realising that she was expectant, he had her deported back to Kenya. She later gave birth and her family has since abandoned and chased her away together with her kids for giving birth to a Muarabu,” Oricho narrated.

Family rejects her After she was chased away by her family, she went to Migori to seek refuge from a relative who had unfortunately moved out. She thus went to the chief’s camp in Migori to seek help.

“She is appealing for any kind of help from you; food, clothing and a place for her children to sleep,” Oricho wrote. Luckily, Kenyans of goodwill were touched by her plight and an organisation also came in to help her.

“Well, thank you, I am very happy to announce that Anna’s case was taken by @harvest hope of Africa who came to her rescue and took her in with her children,” Oricho said.

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Physically challenged lady rejected by her dad builds mum a house Meanwhile, previously reported that a physically challenged lady who was rejected by her father had built her mother a house.

Devotha was born in the year 1999 with her feet backward and this affected the lady’s life, but she did not give up against all odds. According to Afrimax who did a documentary on the lady’s life, Devotha’s condition made her a subject of ridicule and rejection by people.

Her dad eventually joined the ‘rejection wagon’ and abandoned Devotha with the mum to start a new family elsewhere.

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