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“Factory Reset” – Married Woman Slams Prankster Who Asked For Hook-up (Video below)



A married woman got upset after a man walked up and tried to ask her out. In a video trending online, the man identified as Deehans approached her to request her number.

She politely declined and informed him that she was happily married. However, her response didn’t matter to the young man as he went ahead to ask her for a hook-up.

This enraged the beautiful woman, who landed him a hot slap. She then stood at the gate and called her husband’s attention, and he rushed out immediately.

Watch Video Below:

At this point, the young man explained to the couple that it was just a prank, but they warned him sternly never to cross their path. Social media users react to viral video

Officialjoba said: “I no do again.”

Tariqq__x stated: “Somebody told you she’s married, and you still asking for hook-up his not funny.”

Emmy__moore noted: “U just chop am b dat. Sorry, bro.”

_the_mama_ray reacted: “But wahala for who no be married woman tho.”

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