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#BBNaijaS7: Diana and Chichi fight over Deji (video)



Following the merging of the level 1 and level 2 houses, housemate Diana and Chichi engage in a heated argument over eyelashes found in Deji’s locker..

It all started when Chichi spotted a woman’s lashes in her love interest’s locker which triggered the fear of losing him to someone else.

Meanwhile, Deji had an agreement with Diana to share a locker as a result of the limited space available since the merge.

Chichi, however, flared up after spotting the lashes as she rained insults on Diana for making moves on her man.

Joining the brawl, Deji explained the situation and faulted Chichi for acting out in such a manner.

After the fight, Diana broke down in tears over the escalation of the matter and how Chichi belittled her with insults.

Watch the video below …

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