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As Man Who Raped A Mad Woman Was Ordered To Choose Between Going To Jail Or Marry Her



A man was caught red-handed in an uncompleted building [email protected] a mad woman. He was spotted when a passerby heard them groaning in ecstasy.

At first, the man thought it was two lovers making out there, he said he only wanted to spy and see the action, but to his surprise, it was a young man raping a mad woman.

So he quickly signals people and told them what was going on, they went there to nab him while he was still enjoying the mad woman.

Youths of the town were very aggrieved and were about to give him the beating of his life when an elderly man calmed them down and made them take the man to the elders.

He confessed that it was not the first he had been having s£x with the mad woman, he said it was not for ritual purposes, he was only having some nice time with her.They said he would be taken to police and sentenced to jail, but he could also avoid jail term if he agrees to marry the mad woman.

Many people questioned the judgment as they thought he should have been handed over to the police for prosecution, while others lauded the judgment as what was only appropriate, it seems the man in love with a mad woman, and love they say is blind.

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