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66yrs old man hawks mangoes on street in video to take care of his sick wife (Video below)



Isaac Antwi, a Ghanaian sexagenarian who ekes a living from selling mangoes, has opened up about his struggles and heartwrenching deprived life.

In an interview on Charity Series on Crime Check TV GH, the 66-year-old man revealed that he dropped out of school after his father’s abrupt demise and had to work at a young age to survive.

Antwi recounted that he travelled to Nigeria for a better life, but things did not go well. He subsequently returned to Accra to work but his efforts to secure a better life yielded no positive Heresults.

He begged for support According to the man, he had to take over his wife’s business after she fell sick. With no child and a sick wife to take care of, this is all he does to survive.

Antwi is facing ejection from his tattered room and is appealing to the public for support to make life a little bit better.

Lady who hawks Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian lady with the TikTok handle @djsplendiz1 in a clip showed the many trades she engaged in to make a living. At the start of the video, she could be seen selling snacks by the roadside. Another part of the clip showed her working as a teacher.

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In different sections of the clip, she was a farmer, waitress, and second-hand cloth seller just to earn a living. When people asked her if the videos are all real and not a fake attempt at content creation, the lady was quick to say that they are random old videos that capture her struggles.

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