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“You Conspire With My Wife To Poison Me” – Lawmaker Accuses Reps Spokesperson



Robinson Uwak, a former lawmaker, has insisted that the House of Representatives spokesperson, Benjamin Kalu, has an amorous relationship with his wife, Keiza Uwak.

According to The Nation, Uwak was reacting to a letter dated July 17, where Kalu, through his lawyer, demanded a retraction and an apology for the alleged defamatory comment against him.

The former lawmaker insisted that his allegations were neither fables of falsehood nor lacked reality.

The spokesperson of the house of representatives said he would not be distracted by allegations he described as frivolous. He rather reiterated his commitment to delivering democratic dividends to his constituency.

Kalu added that he had not met Uwak before and had not spoken to his wife since the expiration of her contract in 2009.

Marriage is for mature mind – Lawmaker

He said marriage is for mature minds with a capacity to handle internal issues, especially within the first three years of marriage, describing it as the most challenging that should be distanced from social media.

You conspire with my wife “to poison me”,

Lawmaker accuses reps spokesperson, in his response, insisted that the allegations were true, adding that: he conspired with my wife who has had two children for me, to poison me.

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“I maintain that these statements against Benjamin Kalu are not garnished fables of falsehoods or verisimilitudes of reality. They are truthful claims of a man who is desperate to save his life and marriage.”

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