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“Shame On Them” – Man Shares Dilapidated State Of PSquare’s House In Village (Video below)



An unidentified man has taken to social media to share a video about the popular Okoye brothers, PSquare, and their family home in the village.

In the trending video, the man showed the bad state of the PSquare family house. He slightly shaded them about their wealth.

He also showed the singers’ parents’ graves close to each other with their names imprinted on them to further confirm that it’s really their home in the village.

In the video, the man also pointed out that their uncle’s house is close to PSquare’s compound.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians react to the video Social media users across the country have reacted differently to the video of the family house in the village allegedly belonging to the Okoyes.

Most of them blasted the man who recorded the video. picked some of the comments below:

Wendy_adamma: “And so? If it pains him so much he should build a foundation for them.”

evelyn____xx: “Help them repair it naw or you just want to chase clout?”

Doctorr_bright: “What was his aim of the recording tho? That their house has been left unattended? Yes it has and?”

Ugezujugezu: “Next thing people will start having problems and they will start looking for those to blame. What is your business with somebody’s family and private life?”

Ikaydardison: “Make them come back them Una come out tracker for their remaining destiny. Thanks no thanks.”

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