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“My Dad Had That Problem” – Usain Bolt Disclosed The Reason He Didn’t Have Any Kids Till He Turned 33 (Details below)



Usain Bolt, the Fastest Man Alive, is now living out his retired life as a father of three toddlers. He is raising them together with his partner Kasi Bennett and the adorable pictures of the couple together with their children will make your heart melt.

Bolt retired in 2017 after he had claimed the historic wins at Rio. Bolt cemented himself in history as the sprinting GOAT.

Usain Bolt on starting a family

The 35-year-old welcomed his first child, Olympia just two years ago, quickly followed by twins Thunder and Saint Leo Bolt. So when Usain Bolt did an in-depth interview with the Guardian at age 30, he was still considering the decision to have kids.

“I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it,” Bolt said . “But kids take up a lot of time, and track and field is different, so I want to be ready, fully ready when I decide to have kids.” With his packed schedule of training and races, the decorated athlete had no time to spare.

In Jamaica, it’s common to have kids by 30. But Bolt was wary of taking the step flippantly. “I wasn’t going to just randomly have kids with anybody, because my dad had that problem. I don’t want to have that problem,” he continued.

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Bolt has two half-siblings, that his father had with other women. The sprinting legend was raised in the village of Sherwood Content, but his siblings grew up in Kingston. Still, Bolt spent his childhood playing cricket with his brother on the street.

Bolt has a newfound respect for fatherhood
There’s no doubt that Usain Bolt is a devoted and loving father. But in an interview with People magazine, he revealed that his unprecedented Olympic glory was much easier to achieve than taking care of three babies.

“[It’s harder] being a father of three, of all of them, especially when they’re crying,” Bolt said . “It’s great, but everybody’s crying. It’s pandemonium in the house.” With all the three siblings born within a year, the parents have to constantly stay on their toes.

Fortunately, Bolt has help from both his and his partner Kasi Bennett’s parents. Learning from the way his parents raised him, Bolt wants to give his kids the same freedom to choose their future. “If they don’t want to run, if they don’t want to do sports, I’m okay with it.”

Though watching them compete on the Olympic track from the stands paints a pretty picture for the champion. “I won’t pressure, but it would be a great experience as a dad, as an Olympian, to watch your kid as an Olympian, running with the Olympians,” he continued.

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