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“Na She Know Her Story” – Cute Lady Crying Inside Rain after Finishing Nursing School (Video below)



A Nigerian girl who just graduated from nursing school has sparked social media reactions with the way she chose to celebrate her success.

A video currently making the rounds on social media shows the girl shedding tears of joy inside the rain and a muddy place.

Tears of joy for becoming a nurse. Out of uncontrollable joy, the girl stepped out in the full glare of all present and wailed like a baby.

Although the lady’s name is not immediately clear, an inscription on the video indicates that the girl is celebrating because nursing school is not for the weak.

Social media users are reacting to the video in different ways, but most of them say people should choose how they celebrate their success.

Watch the video here

Instagram users react

@charlesinojie said:

“She alone knows her story. Those tears are coming from the deep recesses of a long borne struggle. Congratulations my sister. I feel you ‘cos I’ve been there… na who no go no know.”

@jemusbae commented:

“Na only she know how she take finish, from feeding to school fees to transportation and, maybe without help.. God is faithful.”
@kingberrykarter said:

“Na only she know Wetin her eye see.”
@omadymond reacted:

“Na only her know Wetin she pass through. Congratulations.”

@lashoge said:

“If you are not a nurse, you will not understand. Congrats to her.”

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