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26yrs Old Woman Who Married Her 44yrs Old Biological Mother Give Reasons Why She Did So (Details below)



This is a true story about Lolita, a woman who married her 44-year-old biological mother, Loreta, when she was 26.

This 26-year-old woman married her biological mother while presenting a crazy justification. People continued to judge and condemn them for their actions.

The justification was shattered by mother and daughter. They both decided to marry each other.

Lolita stated that her mother had provided for her without the assistance of any man or woman and that she had taken good care of her since she was a small child.

She went on to say that because she didn’t have a father, her mother had to provide for all of her needs.

According to mother Loreta, 44, marrying her daughter was one of the best things that had ever happened to her.

“My daughter would be free to leave our house if I refused to wed her.” One of my favorite things to do would be to marry her because it would keep her by my side forever. I adore her dearly and would sacrifice anything to make her happy. “The mother said,”

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