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“My Husband Slept With My Daughter In SHS And Impregnated Her” – Woman Narrates Her Story (Details below)



Ann, a businesswoman, tells her story and what she endured at the hands of her husband, who was once a good father and a loving husband.

Ann married her husband after he got her pregnant, and they had children together.

Her good husband later turned into a beast and began having extramarital affairs outside of their marriage.

Her husband used to pick up her daughter after school when she finished primary school and enrolled in secondary school.

The husband would seek his conjugal rights when the children were old enough to sleep next to them in the single-family home.

Ann tried to protect her children, but her husband would savagely abuse her, beat her up, and forcefully sleep with her in front of their children, who are old enough to understand what is right and wrong.

Her school principal called her one day and informed her that her daughter was pregnant.

Ann stated that she had heard rumors about her husband sleeping with her daughter, but she had never believed them.

She asked her daughter who the father was after her daughter gave birth, and she told her that her father was the father of her child.

When the husband discovered that his daughter had told her mother, he had them evicted.

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That was the end of her marriage. She has asked parents to be close to their daughters and let them share whatever they are going through with them.

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