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SHOCKING: We Discovered The Temple Of Woman Where Many Pastors Go For Power (Details below)



It was recently uncovered that most powerful pastors and prophets got their power from a woman in the Eastern part of Nigeria who received power from the river.

The middle aged woman who is from Imo state explained that the Miracles, deliverance and prophesies been performed by many men of God were gotten through the woman from the river.

The woman who is also a Spiritualist went further to say that they normally come at night when nobody can see them around me.

According to the woman,i got the power from the Marine kingdom several years ago and i am using the power to heal the sick, deliver the afflicted, help those that are spiritually oppressed by the enemies.

When i discovered the efficacy of the power given to me I practicalized it in different ways and it was wonderful. I decided to established Queen Mother Spiritual home.

The establishment of the Spiritual home attract the pastors to visit me at intervals. I appointed a powerful Spiritualist who attends to all manner of cases and provide instant answer to their problems. Thought i got the powers fro m the Marine kingdom, but use the name of God to perform Miracles.

This was what attracted the pastor’s and prophets to come around me. I cannot call their names, but you know them. They heals,deliver and bless people in the name of Jesus.

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In any way, they are not subjected to any pay back agreement with me or any one. It is a spiritual blessing that add no sorrow .

I use it to bless the downtrodden and save them from the afflictions of life and majorly prosper them in every aspect of life.

In case you need Spiritual help or deliverance, healing and other forms of power. You may contact Queen Mother Spiritual home for your divinity.

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