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“I Am A Graduate But No One Wants To Give Me A Job Because I Have No Legs” – Physically Challenged Lady Tells Her Sad Story (Details below)



There are some people who were born without legs but are still doing all they can to survive. Such is the case of Eunice Reuben who was born without legs but became a graduate.

According to Afrimax English, Eunice who is 29 years old was born in Nairobi Kenya, she was born without legs and she grew up with her grandmother. Gathered that Eunice wasn’t aware of her condition until she was in class one, according to her, she started to notice that she is different from other children because she couldn’t join them in some activities including running.

Things became worse when other students asked her why she doesn’t have legs and she went home crying. After her parents explained her condition to her, she told them that she would love to attend a school for disabled people and from there she was able to accept her condition. After her secondary education, her mother couldn’t afford a University for disabled people so she attended a cheaper University.

Although Eunice graduated several years ago, she has not been able to find a job because of her condition. According to her, most people don’t want to employ her because she has no legs so she has been living with her brother who takes care of her.

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Despite her condition, Eunice can do several house chores and she has gotten involve in several sports. She also revealed that she can do her own make-up and she wants to start her own cosmetics shop but she don’t have enough money.

Eunice also stated that she has not been lucky in relationships because of her condition, she revealed that other guys she has dated always end the relationship after sometime but despite that, she is a very happy lady and she hope that she will become successful someday.

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