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After I Had Given Birth, My Husband Used Me S*xually From Behind In front Of My Kids And His Friend – Woman Narrates (Details below)



Julia, a woman who has been through a lot in life, narrates her ordeal in the hands of her husband. Julia came from a poor family. She never knew who her father was. Julia never attended school. She started prostitution at the age of 14 in order to provide for her basic needs.

Julia gave birth while selling her body to men. She later met a man who begged her to stop selling her body to men and marry him. Julia married him. Shortly after they had a child together, the man scumbled to sickness and died. Julia went back to prostitution, sleeping around with men in order to feed her children since she couldn’t do any other job.

While selling her body, she met a man in a bar whom she narrated her story to. He felt pity for her and asked her to marry him. He would take care of her children. She agreed and moved him with him. That was the beginning of her problem.

He didn’t know he was a drug addict. She said he would come home with drugs and force her to take drugs before her children and also give her little kids drugs to take. Despite her being pregnant, he forced her and the kids to take drugs.

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One day, the worse happened. Eight days after she gave birth, he came home with his friend. She hadn’t cooked dinner. He slapped her, tore her clothes, jumped on her, raped her from behind while his friend was watching. After raping her, he asked his friend to rape her from behind to his satisfaction.

Julia said after the incident that she left him with her kids. She’s now back to her old lifestyle, though it’s not easy to provide for her kids and enroll them in school, but she’s at peace. She urges women in abusive marriages to walk away.

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