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“The Idea For A Man To Come Down From His Car Just To Open The Door For His Woman Doesn’t Make Sense” – Social Media Influencer



A Nigerian social media influencer named Dickson has taken to his social media to lash out at the idea of a man opening the door for his woman when they arrive in a car..

According to him, the idea of a man coming down from his side of the car just to open the door for his woman or any other passenger as a sign of humility and gentleness makes no sense to him.

He said in a tweet that Africans have adopted so many chivalry habits from the western world because it only takes a second to open the door of a car and not necessarily a man coming down to open the door for a lady.

However, a school of thought would disagree with his assertions since most ladies prefer to have their men open the doors for them when they arrive at their destinations.

See the screenshot below:

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