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I’m Still In Love With My Ex Girlfriend – Married Man Cries Out



A man has revealed the strong attachment he has for his former girlfriend which he claims has been noticed by his present wife.
Identified as Adewale Omooba, the man ridiculously said he has even told his wife that he prefers his ex over her in a message shared on Twitter..

In his words:

I’m still very much in love with the last babe I dated before marrying my wife. It should have been her but her mother was vehemently against her marrying outside catholic. She’s everything I ever wanted that my wife isn’t.

My wife knows this, I’ve told her severally to her face hoping she’d try to be better in the very many little little things for which I prefer my ex over her.

In a related development, there were chaotic scenes when two men squared it up after one of them caught the other sleeping with his wife upon returning from a trip outside the country.

The man grapevine divulged that the man reportedly travels often, so he decided to cut one of his trips short and return home to surprise his family, however, he met his wife in bed with another man.

The man sprang into action and assaulted the cheating man who defended himself to avoid going home with doses of humiliation. The scene per the account of the tweep defied the sanctity of the estate they lived in.

Eventually, the other man’s wife who has been suspecting her husband, said she is leaving with their kids. The tweet reads; ”On a Monday morning as we prepare to go to work, someone is shouting the entire estate down!!!

Apparently Oga travels a lot, he came home to surprise his family but met his neighbor in his bed..

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