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Shocking Story Of A Young Lady In The Labour Room Who Placed A Curse On Young Man Who Got Her Pregnant And Denied (Details below)



Some men reading this, may be on this Table without even knowing. The story goes thus….

”A man got a girl pregnant when they were teenagers. His mother supported him when he denied the pregnancy. Words had it that the lady, while in labor, used her finger to scoop some sweat drops on her thigh, licked it and placed a curse on him and one of his sisters that also supported him.

“He would never find peace in any woman he meets in future”.

“She will never have children of her own”.

Many years later, man got a wife. Wife was pregnant but suddenly became sick. She died with the baby and her burial was filled with a lot of chaos. Sister, till date never had her own child. Wealthy and now in her 50s with an adopted child.

Man’s Mother died in some strange circumstances. The love child is already a woman and married with her own children.

The uncanny resemblance with her father is unquestionable.

Man had to go seek for forgiveness with his kinsmen. He was already 50, no child, no wife.
Woman forgave him after so many pleas and pacification. Never married another man till date.

Man eventually found another woman and married her. His children are still toddlers but he’s in his 50s.

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All these I just told you are true stories and close to home.

Don’t be too carefree with a woman. If you take advantage of a woman’s innocence, and she places a curse on you, you may live to regret it in future.

Not every woman can forgive easily. Especially if you caused her pain and put her in a family way then deny her. And you think she’ll clap for you? And you think you’ll go ahead and live your life without consequences?

The true story was hidden from the husband of the sister. He just assumed that they’re unfortunately unable to have children because

Doctor says “nothing wrong with wife”. and man is committed to his wife and they’ve an adopted child as a “compensation”. Too late!

I pray as you’re navigating the hurdles of life, may you not make choices that can be detrimental to others who are innocent of your “sins”.”

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