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Man Threatens To Leak N*de Video Of Married Woman He Met Online After She Refused To Return Loan He Gave Her (Details below)



A Nigerian Man has threatened to release nude video of a married woman he met online after she failed to return the loan he gave her.

I met this lady on Telegram, say two and half years ago we got talking, you know how sometimes you meet people online and you connect. She was really fun to be with(online).

I later got to know that she’s married. According to her she was facing a lot of challenges in her marriage. Her husband became uncaring after they got married and she was suffering. She lost her job during the wave of the covid 19. The husband was jobless so couldn’t provide. She was left to care for herself.

She begged me for some money, a loan of N450k actually, to start up a business. I didn’t want to do that because she didn’t have a collateral. However, when I eventually met her, she appeared like a responsible person so I felt that I could trust her. I gave her the money which she said that she wanted to use for business.

She showed me tailoring designs which she made, she’s a tailor and also said that she would go into importation.

She promised to pay 70k monthly until she’s done playing, she said also that her mum would use her gratuity to help her offset the remaining balance, all within six months.

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Before I gave her the money she was willing to do anything even though she was pregnant but I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with her. So I told her that since humans are wicked, I would want her to give me something that would make her pay back the money, that was how the issue of the nude video came about.

As l type this she has only paid 90k out of the entire money, 70k last year and 20k this year, and it has affected my plans. I have told her mum and brother but no one seems to be bothered, like they are a bunch of wicked and irresponsible family.

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