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Lady Smashes Cake Gift in Boyfriend’s Face Not Knowing Mercedes Benz Key Was Inside (Video)



An impatient and ungrateful woman who expected something bigger than a mere cake on her birthday proceeded to smash the cake on the face of her boyfriend only for another hour of drama to unfold later..

Unbeknownst to the lady, the gentleman had put the key for a Mercedes Benz inside the cake hoping that while she cut it, she will come across the key to the whip and heightened the excitement associated with the surprise birthday package.

However, the lady who did not know what he had in store for her buried his face with the cake. After some moments, he calmly removed the car key from what was left of the cake and unwrapped it from the nylon he used to preserve it to avoid being soiled.

The lady felt very ashamed as she stood there probably thinking about how to rewind the hands of time. In the meantime, some of us think it looks like a comedy skit from an unknown West African country.

Watch the video below:

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