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“I Will Never Allow My Daughter To Marry Someone Working At UPS After Spending $84,000 On Her Education” – Kennedy Agyapong Blow Hot (Video below)



Kennedy Agyapong, a Ghanaian politician, recounted an incident that occurred when he hosted a graduation party for one of his daughters.

During the party, he claims, a man who is the nephew of one of his friends arrived, and his daughters inquired about him.

They were seeking information about the man because they appeared to be interested in him; however, their ‘eyes cleared’ when they learned that he works for United Parcel Service (UPS).

They lost ‘interest’ in him as soon as they discovered where he works. In the video, he stated that his daughters were correct to lose interest in the guy because he couldn’t afford to spend more than $84,000 on a guy doing such a low-paying job.

Watch Video below:

This has garnered some reactions from social media users and some of these reactions are;

@viewsdey – Kennedy Agyapong says he won’t spend $80,000 on his daughter’s school for her to date a UPSA student. Make money

@antwicharles26 – This thing be funny then sad at the same time

@MICTATSI – This might sound funny, but l tell you, this statement or conclusion by Mr.Kennedy is the reason young boys of today’s will do just anything to be rich or look rich.

Yes, we must strive to make it, but not all will make it that big.Notwithstanding, we all deserve love

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