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‘I Hope I Make It One Day’ – Man Says As He Moves Into His First Apartment After Paying N9K Rent



Derrick Gitau, a Kenyan, is ecstatic since he has finally rented his very first flat in his life..

The 22-year-old Muranga University student rushed to social media to celebrate and show off his one-room apartment, which is valued at Ksh2,500 (N9,000).

The 3rd-year student of Supply Chain Management and Procurement claims that his school is on a long break, so he chose to work hard and get a job at a construction site, where he earned enough money to pay his rent.

Gatundu, a young guy from Kiambu, also indicated that he expects to pay his fees using money earned from his job.

”My new home life is so easy when you take it the way it is??” he captioned the photos.

He told Legit, that, “Yeah I rented it today. I’m in a long holiday so I decided to go for hustling to be able to get the school fees and rent.”

He was asked whether he is happy and he stated confidently that he surely hopes that things will get better in the future.

Derrick said: “I can’t say I’m happy but at least I got hope that one day I will make it despite the struggles and challenges I’m going through.”

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