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How A Man’s Corpse Was Discovered Inside His House Days After Wife Refused To Open Door (Details below)



A yet-to-be named Ogun State housewife has been apprehended by her neighbourhood vigilante and other residents after her husband’s corpse was found in their bathroom days after he died.

Residents began to suspect something was not right when they did not see the deceased for about one week.

It was learnt that their suspicion grew when a foul smell began to emanate from the room of the couple, with the husband simply identified as Nnanna.

The landlord of the compound said he and some other residents approached the wife on Sunday morning and asked for the whereabouts of her husband, but she stated that he was fine and slammed the door on them.

According to some viral videos, the woman appeared to be mentally unstable and has been sleeping in the house with the corpse of her late husband.

The landlord noted that they insisted that the man might have died since the foul smell persisted and flies began to perch around the windows of their apartment.

He also stated that vigilantes and some members of the community were immediately alerted and the door of the couple’s apartment was forced open, where they found the man lying lifeless in the toilet.

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Attempts to question the wife on what happened to her husband failed as she sounded incoherent and was looking exhausted as she lay on the bare floor in the compound.

According to the landlord of the house where Nnanna and the wife stay, Adeyeye Adekunle, the suspicion was initially reported at Sango Divisional Police Headquarters, Sango, Ogun State.

Adekunle said he had reported at the police station that they had a case of foul smell in the compound with flies perching on the window of the house of the deceased, adding that they had knocked but no one opened.

He said the police promised to come over to the house.

However, he said while they were still expecting the police team, the unidentified wife of Nnanna opened the door on Sunday morning.

He revealed that he heard the door opening because he had kept vigil over the development.

He said on opening the door, he and a few others rushed there to enquire from the woman what was happening in the house.

She, however, slammed the door on them, claiming there was nothing to worry about.

Adekunle said it was at this point that he called other landlords, residents and vigilantes in the area, leading to the door of the apartment being opened forcefully.

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They then discovered Nnanna’s remains on the toilet floor.

The Ogun State Police Command was yet respond to the development as at press time.

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