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SHOCKING: Couple Searching For Child Made To Have Sex In Church Altar(Photos below)



A picture has gone viral after two persons were seen laying on each other on a church altar in front of a congregation who stretched their hands towards them.

Reports circulating with the picture claimed the pair have been trying for a child for ten years without success and when they went to the church for help, the minister asked them to have sex on the altar, in the presence of members.

The photo caused outrage, with many giving their opinion on the matter.

The church, located in Brazil, has denied the news making rounds on the internet.

The church said the photo was of two women, not a man and a woman.

They added that the woman had come with sickness and she fainted during service.

As a result, after the preaching, a pastor called the sick woman and “did this prophetic act”.

The church said getting a female minister to lay on top of the sick woman was based on the Bible passage that saw Prophet Elisha lay on the body of a dead boy while praying to God to bring his spirit back to life.

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