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Groom Refuses To Dance And Storms Out Of His Wedding Venue In Anger After Wedding Guests Gave Him Small Money While Dancing (Video below)



What was supposed to be one of the memorable moments in the life of a Nigerian man reached an anticlimax after he stormed out of his wedding venue in anger over the attitude of his wedding guests.

Apparently, he expected to recoup the huge amount of money he spent on his wedding through cash donations from his friends and family members but that never happened.

As seen in the video shared by, the groom angrily left the church auditorium while screaming that he won’t dance again.

He claimed wedding guests were only spraying a meagre N50 on him when he had expected more.

He proceeded to remove his wedding suit and this made people around him put more pressure as they continued pleading with him.

Given the manner he reacted while his best man and a lady purported to be the bridesmaid pleaded with him, it is possible he returned to continue the solemn occasion and hide his huge disappointment under his breath.

Watch Video below:

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