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‘Every Girl I Date Cheats On Me’ – Young Guy Writes



A young guy has taken to social media to reveal that he is not lucky when it comes to relationships..

According to him, any girl that he dates ends up cheating on him adding that not long ago, his current girlfriend confirmed she has cheated on him.

He made this known in a recent post he made on Facebook and the post reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Why does every girl I date cheat on me? They say I’m a good guy and I make them happy but they still go on to cheat. Why? Why? I’m crying as I type this because my current girlfriend confessed to cheating. She wants me to forgive her but it’s not easy. She broke my trust. I’m think of ending my life. Why? Why? Why?”.

Some reactions the post got are;

Vuyiswa Prudence – Forgive her , you are not doing it for her but for yourself.
Ending your life because of a cheating partner will never be a solution. Take a break from dating but just know that people cheat all the time unprovoked and that doesn’t mean you are the problem.

Phindiwe Constance – Being cheated on does not mean your the problem or its your dont have to end you life trust me you might find that she loves you and she regrets what she did to you.if you still love her i say forgive her,give her a second chance everybody deserves a second chance

Molelekwa Tshikedi – Nice guys always finish last. Inbox me mei chomie I will introduce you to some redpil. By the time I’m finished with you, they’ll be eating from the palm of your hand.

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