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Young Teenage Girl At 16 Narrate How She Use To Satisfy 3 Men At The Same Time (Details below)



Gertrude Akinyi, a 16-year-old girl, has described a harrowing experience that led to her falling into prostitution, which has since become her daily practice regardless of the consequences.

When Akinyi was a child, she had to go through things that her friends only saw in movies, as well as nightmares.

Akinyi’s life was usually going well until a guy came into her life and stole her innocence, leaving her despondent and unable to save herself from the realities that the world had delivered to her. With what was to come and the fact that she was the firstborn of four siblings, Akinyi had no choice but to drop out of school when she discovered the man had gotten her pregnant.

While going about her daily activities, she came across a 12-year-old young girl named Chebet who was in a similar situation to her. She told her about being abused and assaulted when she was ten years old, and because they both sail on the same boat, Akinyi accepted Chebet as a walking buddy.

She was then introduced to Digda, whose full name is Rohypnol, which is typically used by patients who are unable to sleep or who require sedation during clinical medical treatment.

Akinyi took the medicine for another reason: it instilled in her inexplicable confidence in her ability to meet a large number of men in the back. She claims that she could satisfy up to three men after taking the medicine as a prostitute.

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