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Suspect Confess On How He Killed His Female Boss At Night Before Inviting A Stranger To Drive Her Car (Details below)



A male suspect has narrated how he went into the streets to find someone who would hold drive his late boss’ car after he murdered her at night. The suspect shared his story during a recent interview on ITV News in Edo State.

Sharing his story, the suspect said,

“I killed my boos at night around 11pm. However, I do not know how to drive her vehicle. I proceeded to the Ring Road area in search of someone who knew how to drive a car.

I met the suspect beside me at a betting shop for the first time. He said he knew how to drive, and I invited him to the house of my boss to help me move her car out. I later directed him to drive the car to the area where I would sell it. “

The Public Relations Officer of the Edo State Police Command, SP Bello Kontongs, revealed that the female victim is Mary, and her suspected killers are Atiku and John.

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