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Moments Bride Refused To Eat Her Husband’s Cucumber During Their Wedding Ceremony (Video below)



A video is currently trending on social media that captures the jaw-dropping moments a bride created a scene after she refused to do her husband’s bidding during their traditional wedding ceremony.

In the video, the bride refused to eat the cucumber from her husband’s mouth as demanded by tradition.

The groom tried his possible best to get his bride to eat the cucumber in order for them to continue with the rest of the ceremony but all his efforts proved abortive.

Due to his persistence, the bride agreed and just bit a small piece of the cucumber from her husband’s mouth just to satisfy the crowd.

Watch the video below:

In other news, budding Ghanaian musician and actor, Adu Flatelo has recounted how he snubbed Deloris Frimpong Manso on her Delay Show after she asked him some questions he found very discomforting during an interview.

Speaking with the lifestyle & celebrity blogger, Zionfelix in an interview on the Uncut Show, Flatelo expressed his displeasure on how some media personalities deliberately ask him some questions about his personal life just to ridicule him.

This was after he made boastful claims that he attended Oxford University and read General Arts. When quizzed by Zionfelix if the renowned tertiary institution based in the United Kingdom offers such a program, Flatelo fumed and said the host wants to paint a picture about him to his fans.

Flatelo recounted that Delay once put him in such an uncomfortable position and out of anger, he snubbed her and walked out on her on the show and since then, Delay has not been able to share the interview on her YouTube channel.

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