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“It’s No Big Deal I Slept With A Dog” – Lady Admits After Sleeping With Dog (Video below)



A woman has confessed she had sexual relations with a dog, adding that people should not make a noise about it.

“What’s the big deal there?” the unnamed young woman said in a video shared on Twitter. “I only slept with a dog, I did not kill somebody.”

The social media platform recently has been immersed with reports of some ladies sleeping with dogs to be paid over a million naira per night.

But the woman said those criticising her have probably done worse acts. “You in your life, you have done worse,” she said, adding: “And besides have you seen N1.4m before?”

The woman said: “I only slept with a dog, I did not kill somebody. And mind you, I’m not infected or anything. Do you get? So stop dying on the matter. I’m enjoying the money.”

Some who commented on the video have slammed her for seeking attention.

Watch her below:

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