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Lady set to marry man who always humiliates her over fear of being asked to return engagement ring, other gift items



A Twitter user has taken to the micro-blogging platform to share why a lady is ignoring all warning signs and is set to tie the knot with her “abusive” fiancé..

In the tweet, which has elicited varying reactions from netizens, the Twitter user identified as Vicki Sparkle claims that the lady in question is set on marrying her partner, who has a history of humiliating her at the slightest provocation since she is completely reliant on him.

According to her, the lady recently opened up to her that every time she and her husband-to-be have a heated argument, he always threatens to collect the proposal ring, clothes, and phone he got her.

Vicki said she advised the lady to leave the man, get a job, and work on being financially independent, but she ignored her advice and continued with their marriage plans.

“This babe called me on Sunday crying. Saying every time she and her man have an heated argument, he always threatens to collect the proposal ring, phone he got her and some clothes he got her. I told her to leave the guy and focus on getting a job as all this shit happened bcos she depends entirely on the guy.

“She said, “Okay, I think that’s the best thing, I’m tired of being humiliated at every turn. Well, they’ve reconciled for the umpteenth time and they are moving forward with the wedding plans I wish them both good luck! tying the knot with her lover despite all warning signs.” Vicki tweeted.

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