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Husband Sets Ablaze Mother-of-four and her Younger Brother to Death Hours After She Arrived from Scotland (Details below)



According to a Facebook user with the name Chinenye Azubuike , a man identified as Benjamin Nkemakolam Ogudoro , has allegedly carried out a gruesome act on his wife as he razes her to death.

The deceased Mother-of-four Chinenye via a Facebook post had stated that her sister-in-law, Chinyere Ogudoro , who had been in Scotland for the past four years, arrived Lagos State Nigeria by 8AM on Thursday (31/03/2022) and was picked up by her younger brother at the airport.

It was said that her husband had later came home and had set her ablaze alongside her younger brother, who happened to be the only son of their family, around 3AM in the midnight.

Chinyere’s younger brother Her husband was said to have been pressuring her to let them sell the house which the deceased had bought with her money, after he discovered that his name was not included on the documents. The deceased was said to had refused and this had fueled his anger which unfortunately led to her death.

The man who is also based in Lagos, was said to had at a time, attacked his wife with a machete, which led to their separation for a while. They however reconciled and got back together not too long ago.

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The deceased who happened to be a mother-of-four, is said to have hailed from Umudagu Mbieri of Imo State. She was also a Masters Degree holder from a UK institution; and her kids, are presently said to still be in Scotland.

Benjamin Ogudoro The alleged culprit has however been on the run following his drastic act. And he was said to had informed the deceased family that there was a fire outbreak in the house, but that he had managed to escape with a air breath.

Both the deceased and her younger brother’s corpse has been deposited in the morgue, with Chinenye claiming that there hasn’t been a trace of Benjamin yet.

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