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How Frequently Should You Engage In S£x As A Christian Spouse? – Pastor Reveals (Details below)



How frequently should you engage in S3x as a Christian spouse? Is there any Biblical basis to deny your spouse S3x anytime he or she needs you?

Presently, how frequently do you engage in S3x in your marriage?

1 Corinthians 7: 1- 6.
Now for my response concerning the issues you’ve asked me to address. You wrote saying, “It is proper for a man to live in celibacy.”

2 Perhaps. But because of the danger of immorality, each husband should have S3xual intimacy with his wife and each wife should have S3xual intimacy with her husband.

3 A husband has the responsibility of meeting the S3xual needs of his wife, and likewise a wife to her husband.

4 Neither the husband nor the wife have exclusive rights to their own bodies, but those rights are to be surrendered to the other.

5 So don’t continue to refuse your spouse those rights, except perhaps by mutual agreement for a specified time so that you can both be devoted to prayer. And then you should resume your physical pleasure so that the Adversary cannot take advantage of you because of the desires of your body.

I believe the above scripture is self explanatory.

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