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Ghanaian Sakawa Boy Who Sold His Soul For Riches Does Giveaway as His Death Day Gets Closer (Video below)



Sakawa boy who used his soul for money has started giving out the money as his death day gets closer. A Ghanaian Sakawa boy who traded his soul to the devil for money has started dashing his money.

The young boy said in exchange of the 120 billion , the Devil gave him only 12 to live and spend the money.

He has exhausted the 12 years and it’s now left with a month to kiss the world a good bye.

The boy however has a condition to increase his days on earth if he spends the money with the poor and needy.

With so much money to spend, he has started gifting some to people to enjoy so he can increase his days left on earth.

In his latest video, he could be seen consoling himself with Black Sherif’a latest hit song “Kwaku The Traveller”

In other videos you could see him spraying cash on random people as he has so much to spare.

Watch Video Below:

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