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Disabled Woman Reveal How She Got Pregnant After Being Rejected By Most Men Because Of Her Condition (Details below)



A woman by the name Keruye has opened up about the challenges of living with an illness that is yet to be known. The woman who opened up about how this has affected her life to the point where she drugged a man to get her pregnant claimed that it wasn’t easy. She had given up hope that a man would ask for her hand in marriage because of her condition.

She was 16 when a terrible rash on her neck started as a joke and turned into her lifetime of worry and pain, the woman said. According to the Afrimax, she was born normal just like every other kid. She left Normal before her neck rash developed to the extent that no man wanted to associate with her.

Until the age of 16, I was an ordinary kid who never had any problems with discomfort in my neck and feet. When my parents ran out of money to send me to the hospital, I had to drop out of school since I couldn’t go to school any more. Several years later, they both passed away, leaving me alone.

Life became very hard for her. She needed a child or someone to look after her. No man wanted her, so she drugged a man who got her pregnant but left her because he didn’t want her. She was happy to have achieved her aim of being a mother. She gave birth to a beautiful girl who now has her own care.

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She said her parents died and she was left to fend for herself in this world. She looked for a man, drugged him, and then became pregnant before he abandoned her and her pregnancy. It was very for her. Her world crumbled. There was no food, no helper, no parents. She was just all alone.

Despite the fact that her spouse abandoned her and she was forced to raise their child alone, she stated that her daughter is the best thing she has ever had.It turned out that the guy who got her pregnant had passed away. As a final plea, she asked everyone who could assist her in raising funds for an operation to help her.

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