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Taiwan: China Threatens To Turn US Warship To Scrap Iron



China’s Foreign Ministry responded on March 1 to the U.S. sending the destroyer USS Ralph Johnson through the Taiwan Straits, saying the act will only accelerate the demise of “Taiwan independence” forces. “The trick of U.S..

warships passing through the Taiwan Straits should be left to those who are obsessed with hegemony,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin.

What is the true intention of the US hyping of the USS Johnson’s passage through the Taiwan Strait?

If the US wants to embolden the “Taiwan independence forces” in this way, then we have this to say to the US:

Such move will only accelerate the demise of the “Taiwan independence forces”. The US will also pay a heavy price for its adventurist act.

If the US tries to intimidate and pressure China in this way, then we have this stern warning:

The so-called military deterrence will be reduced to scrap iron when facing the steely great wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

The trick of sending vessels to sail through the Taiwan Strait should be better saved to entertain those obsessed with hegemony.

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