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So Shameful As Ebelechukwu Makes History To Becomes First Governor’s Wife To Be Sent Off With a Slap (Details below)



Ebelechukwu Obiano is now Nigeria’s former first lady to have been slapped on the day of inauguration. The former first lady was slapped by widow of the late Biafra leader, Bianca Ojukwu at the inauguration of Soludo
Obiano had initiated the fracas which resulted in the slap after she walked up to challenge Bianca Ojukwu.

In what can be termed as the first in the history of Nigeria, the wife of former governor of Anambra state, Ebelechukwu has become the first Nigerian first lady to be slapped on the day and venue of inauguration

This history was made at the inauguration of Prof. Charles Soludo as new governor of Anambra state at the State House, Awka on Thursday, March 16.

The out-going first lady was slapped by wife of late Biafra leader, Bianca Ojukwu after she (Ebelechukwu) walked from her seat to where Bianca was seated and delivered some harsh words to her which provoked her

Soludo makes first statement after trade of slaps between Bianca Ojukwu, Willie Obiano’s wife. Professor Charles Soludo has apologised to the people of Anambra state for the public display of slaps between Bianca Ojukwu and Ebele Obiano.

Soludo said that his government is working to resolve the misunderstanding between the two women which he said have brewed due to personal reasons.

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According to Soludo, Anambra state has for many years been known for a huge stock of social harmony. Hours after his swearing-in ceremony, Soludo makes first promise as Anambra governor

Earlier, reported that the newly sworn-in governor of Anambra state said that he would be needing just one week to roll out a list of his commissioners.

Soludo made the assurance to the people of the state during his inaugural ceremony at the Anambra state Government House in Awka.

Professor Charles Soludo goes local, eats abacha, drinks palm wine as first food after swearing-in

Speaking shortly after signing the swearing-in documents, Soludo assured that there is no time to waste but to assume work immediately as the governor of the state.

Meanwhile, Soludo said that his administration will not tolerate unnecessary delays in the execution of government projects and activities in the state.

The former CBN governor warned that his administration would not tolerate official protocols aimed at undermining his activities as the state’s key administrator.

Speaking on the plans set down by the incoming Soludo administration, the media aide to the governor-elect, Christian Aburime, said his principal has made it clear that he would not allow his image to be tarnished after all he did as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and other international achievements.

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