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See What Bamise Posted Last On Her Social Media Handle That Suggested She Was In Great Danger (Details below)



Oluwabamise’ s relative has revealed a very painful thing that has further explained the pain the family is passing through. The relative, named Joel, said that the deceased was planning to enrol in a government- recognized fashion and tailoring institution to enhance her knowledge and talents in the craft in preparation for opening her own center before the end of the year. He also stated the deceased’ s last WhatsApp communication before she was reported missing.

Joel claimed that her assassins did not allow her to carry out all of her plans before suffocating her.

Who is Oluwabamise and the effect of her death to her family

He described the deceased as easygoing and the last child of her parents, adding that Oluwabamise was always striving to be better in all aspects of her life and had a long list of personal goals she wanted to attain by the end of 2022.

Tragically, though, catastrophe occurred. The victim’ s parents, who are in their 70s and 80s, he claims, had been disturbed and heartbroken since the news of her body was discovered by police on Monday.

According to Joel, the assassination of the promising young lady has delivered a terrible blow to the entire family and their friends.

Her parents are elderly, and she is the family’ s last child, so the gravity of the tragedy weighs heavily on them. They’ re both at home, and they’ re both in a bad mood.

Bamise worked in tailoring and aspired to construct a large brand for herself as well as establish a fashion institute, but she never lived to see her ambitions realized.

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Before this occurrence, she had planned to enroll in a government- approved fashion school that offers certification.

Where The Deceased was heading to before her Death?

When the tragedy occurred, she was on her way to see one of her older brothers, Pelumi, whose wife was about to give birth. She planned to stay with them until the mother gave birth to her child.

Pelumi’ s wife gave birth to a child on Wednesday

morning. Unfortunately, Bamise was not present when that child was born. It’ s a huge setback for the family.

The newly born child’ s naming ceremony was planned to take place on Wednesday, but her death has thrown everything off.

Throughout her life, Bamise was a dedicated worker who was down- to- earth and attentive. It’ s heartbreaking to see her life cut short in such a way.

When asked if the family would like the young lady’ s remains to be buried right away, he said they would wait for an autopsy to determine how she died.

The issue is currently being discussed with the family’ s lawyer. They will inform the public of their decision as soon as that deliberation is completed.

What Oluwabamise posted on her WhatsApp Status before her death

Oluwabamise vanished after boarding BRT 240257 to Oshodi at about 7: 30 p. m. on that fateful day, and the driver of the bus told her to sit in the back despite the fact that she was the only passenger on board.

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Throughout the ride, she expressed her anxiety to a friend until she was no longer reachable by phone minutes later.

She said, on her WhatsApp status at about 7: 32 p. m. , ” God, it is your protection I seek. “

Elizabeth, the victim’ s sister, revealed that after multiple calls, her acquaintance reported hearing voices beneath her trying to wrestle the phone from her.

The driver of the BRT car, who went into hiding immediately after the event, was captured shortly after her body was discovered on Monday, according to Lagos police.

The victim’ s body was first spotted in public late Saturday when a BRT and a jeep dumped her body and speedily fled. According to one of the victim’ s family members, they were first shown a photo, and then they went to the location where she was discovered to confirm it.

What led to Oluwabamise’ s death

He further stated that the image of her body is gruesome and should not be viewed or spread. He also disclosed that she was naked and didn’ t have her pants on, as well as the fact that some of her body parts had been tampered with and others were missing.

Bamise’ s sister has confirmed the allegation, saying that the people responsible for her death did not kill her, but instead cut off her private parts and left her to suffer till death.

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