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Russia Vs Ukraine: First Batch Of Nigerian Students In Ukraine Arrive In Abuja (Photos)



The first batch of Nigerian students studying in Ukraine have reportedly arrived safely from Romania to Nnamdi Azikwe international Airport, Abuja following the clash between Russia and Ukraine..

This comes shortly after many African students studying in Ukraine cried out to their respective government to evacuate them from the war-hit country.

Ukraine is currently under attack after the Russian military launched a military invasion on the latter by the order of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The stack which has led to the death of many was launched on the southern neighbors of Ukraine.

The Russian President announced a military operation in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region which is a home for many Russian-speaking Ukrainians. However, part of the region has been occupied by Russian-backed rebel since 2014.

Putin further urged Ukrainian soldiers in the combat zone to lay down their weapons and go home, but said clashes were inevitable and only a question of time. He also threatened to deal with any country that interferes into the matter and subject them to the worst situation they have ever faced in history.

Well, photos currently making rounds on social media captures the moments the first batch of Nigerian students studying in Ukraine arrived at Nnamdi Azikwe international airport in Abuja from Romania.

See the photos below:

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