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MADNESS: Husband Sets Himself On Fire In His Car After His Wife Did This To Him (Details below)



A heartbreaking story about a married man who sets himself in his car on fire after his wife did not spend the night at home got people talking online.

The name of this deceased man is given as Amimo Venus and according to one Eddie Oduor on Facebook, Amimo had continuous marital fights with his wife over accusations of infidelity on her part

One Saturday he came home and found out that the wife was not at home leaving the little children only and alone in the house.

So he went back to town in search of the wife but it was to no avail so he came back home and set himself in his car on fire around 2:00 am

The neighbours only got noticed of this incident when they woke up and found his car and body burnt into ashes.

It is believed that the wife spent the night at the ex-boyfriend’s place because of her undying love for him which is greater than the love she has for her husband. And it is also said that the dead man sent a suicide text to a friend before he took his life

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