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“Looks Like Mr Bean’s Car” – Tayo Faniran Blasts Friend in Funny Video for Helping Him Rent ‘Tiny’ Ride to Use While in SA



Reality TV star, Tayo Faniran, recently blasted one of his pals on social media over his actions.

Faniran shared a video of a very small looking car and explained that he told his friend to help him hire a vehicle he will drive while in South Africa..

The ‘small car’ was obviously not what the actor was expecting his friend to get and he blasted him in the funny video.

In a video that has now gone viral on social media, Faniran explained to fans that he had told his friend to help him get a car he will drive around in South Africa after he returned from Nigeria.

The actor continued to tease his friend over the car he rented and he even asked how he was supposed to enter the small vehicle. According to him, his friend’s action is ‘see finish’.

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