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Lady Reveal Amount Of People She Has Infected With HIV After She Vows And Made It Her Mission To Share The Virus (Details below)



Nigerian lady on the microblogging platform, twitter, has revealed the staggering number of people she’s infected with HIV.

The lady identified as @NellyNesh19 had disclosed that she was infected with HIV at the age of 21 and is doing fine now she’s 24.

It all started with various people living with HIV making revelations about how they got infected and how they’re able to cope with their situation.

The Tweep identified with the handle, @The_afropolite revealed that she had contacted hers from her brother’s best man when she was just 18 years old, in 2016.

She tested positive for the virus in 2017, and decided to make it her life mission to spread it to other people.

She revealed that she’s given it to 115 guys,19 ladies, and she’s not done yet.

She wrote;

Got infected with HIV at the age of 21 am 24 years now and am doing fine

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