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Biafra Will Never Happen, if Igbo People Continue to Worship Jesus Christ As They Saviour Without Knowing About This (Details below)



Onyeka Nwelue, a Nigerian filmmaker, publisher, talk-show host, bookseller, author and an academic visitor and founder of the James Currey Society, at the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford, says Biafra will never happen, If Igbo tribe of Nigeria continue to worship foreign deities.

The award winning Imo born scholar, who recently spearheaded the teaching of Igbo language at the prestigious Oxford University, made the thought provoking statement which he posted on his official Facebook page.

He reaffirmed that Biafra will never happen in as much as the Igbo people of Nigeria has chosen to worship foreign deities.

The statement read, “Biafra will never happen, if Igbo people continue to worship foreign deities, I declare.

“Tell all the blogs. This is what they love posting.

“I repeat: Biafra will never come true, if these Biafrans continue to worship Jesus Christ and other things, forgetting their own Gods and Goddesses.

“You think the Gods are not Wise?

“You think Amadioha does not work but Jesus Christ does? Then, you are a big mompara.”

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