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‘It Feels Like A Break Up’ – Toke Makinwa Says After Her Personal Assistant Ditched Her



OAP Toke Makinwa has expressed how she feels after her personal assistant left her for another job..

It sometimes feels different and unbearable when some people who were once close to us, even if you didn’t share any intimate sessions just disappear or are no longer close. The same experience has dawned on Toke Makinwa whose personal assistant left her for another job.

According to the media personality, she feels like she has broken up with someone after her assistant shunned her in February. She added that she feels dumped and miss her so much and can’t wait to see her come back.

She concluded that her personal assistant is now Head Logistic at TM Luxury. She tweeted emotionally;

My assistant left me this February and it feels like a break up. I know I am a drama Queen but she ditched being my personal assistant to being head logistic at TM luxury. I feel dumped, I miss her so much and I hope she see’s this tweet and comes back.

In reaction, a Twitter user identified as Daniel Rhega encouraged the radio personality to rejoice because her former personal assistant has been promoted. Her PA has to build her resume and grow now. Rhega urged Toke to consider hiring another assistant and let her former PA enjoy her new job.

He wrote: Toke u should be celebrating ur
former assistant’s promotion cos it’s a good thing she’s thriving at ur establishment (TM Luxury); Wishing for her to return is the same as limiting her growth, she needs to build her resume. Hire another assistant, a lot of people are qualified.

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