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Armed Robber Cry Like A Baby As Items He Stole From An Old Woman Get Stuck On His Neck (Photos)



An armed robber has been apprehended. A man in his late twenties who has made a living from petty thievery has reported himself to police after stealing from an elderly woman..

According to multiple social media posts, the man stole from an elderly woman in Liberia.

The woman was reportedly carrying sacks full of an unspecified substance.

The man willingly took it from the old lady and made his way with it, but when he reached home and tried to remove the sacks from his shoulders, he couldn’t.

The full sacks had become entangled on his shoulders.
He had to report himself to the police because he was frustrated and didn’t know what else to do.

He was hoping that they could assist him to get out of the hopeless predicament he had put himself in.

See photos below;

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