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2-Yr-Old Boy Drown In Pool While Mother & Friends Partied A Yard Away On Val’s Day



A two-year-old boy identified as Chawanakon Hancharoenpanna has reportedly met his untimely death after he drowned in a pool while his mother partied with her friends a yard away..

According to reports, the 26-year-old model and her photographer husband took their toddler to an apartment in Pattya, Thailand on Valentine’s Day.

The party they had in their apartment was attended by most of their friends and models which doubled as a photo shoot for Pontawee and other attendees.

The mother, Wiyada Potawee, nicknamed “Soda” posed in front of the pool in a revealing black bikini and another of her on a snooker table with her legs spread.

While she was going about her poses, the kid and his brother were also having fun in the swimming pool when all of a sudden, Chawanakon drowned to death.

Chawanakon who was just three days away from his birthday drowned that evening while his mother was busy inside doing her photo shoot.

The deceased’s father heard the boy struggling in the pool and called an emergency service for help. Chawanakon was taken to the hospital where a CPR was performed on him but unfortunately, he passed away that very evening.

After the tragedy, the mother said that she is broken-hearted and feels no need to live anymore as she prays for her son to come back to life.

The boy’s father, Pongrit Hancharoenpanna, told paramedics that he and his wife “were working” at the time of the accident.

Speaking from the scene, he said: “I was working when it happened. Then I heard the sound from the water and saw my boy in the pool. He was choking, so I jumped in to help him but it was too late.”

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